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I have a confession to make. Although I identify myself as a writer, I HATE cover letters. Reading them, writing them -- doesn't matter. There's too much of a tightrope walk between bragging about your accomplishments (eloquently!) and trying not to seem too desperate as you plead your case for job competency.
Some people agree with me. Nevertheless, it doesn't seem as if the cover letter plus resume culture will completely fade. Unfortunately, I don't have a surefire way to construct a cover letter to guarantee it'll get read by recruiters. Some like a story. Some prefer a terse, businesslike recounting of your most interesting accomplishments. Others - who knows. I haven't cracked it yet.
I recently thumbed through Knock 'em Dead Cover Letters for the umpteenth time. I'll be honest. The book itself is boring, the examples providing inspiration on the level of an eighth grade remedial English class. If you're not a writer, it could provide some basic foundations. If you're a seasoned writer, it may be a bit depressing. Final thought - if you pour your passion (whether for accounting, phlebotomy or illustration, etc.) into this small summary of your work accomplishments, it'll show. Get excited about your calling. Then you can begin to communicate that excitement to others who may hire you for it.


  1. My dep't is hiring again--care to rejoin good ol' Doc Mgt?


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