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How To Annoy Via Email

Myriad keystrokes have been devoted to email etiquette, but in last few weeks I've found annoying emails reaching a critical mass in my inbox. If you're job-searching and are guilty of these grievances, you might want to rethink your employment strategy.

Infractions that make me want to chew glass:

Reconfirming appointments multiple times even though you use Gmail and can see the entire conversation. Google calendar. Use it.Extremely long signature lines with favorite quotes, apologies for clumsy iPhone usage, or "funny" job titles.Color fonts, weird fonts, overusedbold, italic or the cardinal sin, ALL CAPS THAT SCREAM I WANT MY PRUNE JUICE NOW, WHIPPERSNAPPER. I usually just hit delete rather than read. Smoke signals would be more effective communication.Forwards of any sort. If you sent me an email about our meeting, don't send me a follow up on how Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton use the blood of unicorns to condition their hair.Waxing philosophical when I jus…

Holding Pattern

I just moved into the city. I'm not normally finicky about sleeping environments given my normal predilection for sleep deprivation, but the past week has been an exception. So catching up on blogs is a better option than counting squeals from rabid possums.
Last night I caught up on The Art of Non-Conformity, and I liked this post. Plus it quotes one of my favorite philosophers, Tom Petty.
One of the hardest lessons for me to learn while job searching was to not only wait patiently, but to continue pursuing other options. It was difficult not to pin all my hopes on the current prospect, freezing my life for that fateful phone call or email. Holding patterns stink.