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You've done your share of sleeping until the afternoon (or on the contrary, being all responsible and keeping to a schedule - nerd), making new and dangerous culinary spins on Easy Mac and frightening the mailman each day while waiting for him to deliver your mail. But here's a revolutionary way to prep for your potential job: play a day of Cubeland, and learn some tricks to survive, thrive and conquer therein. Oh, and learn to sympathize with your grass-is-greener friends, who keep complaining about their indentured 9 to 5s.

First, set up your cubicle. It's better if you camp out in an austere part of your home (an unfinished basement works) for that authentic "workin' for the man, man" feel. Construct your cube out of bedsheets for maximum cost-effectiveness. Pin TPS reports to your cube "walls" and play annoying beeps on loop. Cube villages always have enough ambient beeping to imitate eighties alien life forms. Convince a friend to act as your …