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And we're back! After seven months on the job, my contract won't be extended after December 31. A little unexpected, but I'm ready for more funemployment shenanigans. Besides, I haven't yet made my cover letter into a Hebrew acrostic poem.

In the last few months, I've garnered some adventures on SEPTA. Though not necessarily a part of funemployment, it's good to get a fresh perspective on the daily commuting horde. For example, one SEPTA specimen gives us proper censure on interview dressing: 

The train emerged from the tunnel into the night studded by the sparkling Philadelphia skyline. Sadly, my view of the city was obscured by an otherwise nattily dressed man who appeared to be smuggling a deceased badger on his scalp. 
If you're interviewing and you're bald, embrace the baldness. If you have hair, please groom it so your coiffure doesn't resemble putrefying roadkill, or this guy

More SEPTA-inspired interview tips coming soon. As for now, I'm …