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In between bouts of intense boredom and attacks of irrational fear, there's a time for creativity. Rock out your unemployment by crafting potential band names, a practice first pioneered by Dave Barry. They can be punk, new wave, acid rock - anything goes.
Here's my present compilation:
Monos Azules Que Volan (Flying Blue Monkeys): A psychedelic mariachi trio
Obscene Caffeine: Techno pop
Leon and the Cognitive Dissonance: Acid Gregorian chant
Clinical Trial: an experimental group 

Speaking of experiments, you can also develop comics. There's at least one hanging up the pencil this year. Back in the day, I wrote a serial detailing the New Adventures of Super Nerd and the Radioactive Can of Spam on my algebra homework. I believe this is the main reason the teacher gave me a B instead of an F. Super Nerd had a plaid cape, pocket protector and a linear algebra toolkit, after all. Who knows -- if you doodle Ernie the Unemployment Eunuch on your resume, you might get more consideratio…